Stichwörter: Geburtstag Dekor party, Hintergrund, studio-Gruppe-Foto-hintergrund, Bier Uhr, Hintergrund, große Fotografie Kulisse, Gott Griechisch, choral-Kleid, kit Foto studio, fotos studio.

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  • Anwenden: Photo studio,photos photography backdrops
  • Bitte beachten Sie: Artikel beinhaltet nur die hintergrund
  • Unsere Größe Einheit: CM 1 ft = 30.48 cm
  • Stil: scenic
  • Thin Cloth Feature: Nicht waschen können ironing backface zu reduzieren Falten indoor Billig
  • Anpassbare: Name,Date,Phrases,Color,Pattern
  • Größe: According to option(width x height)
  • Herkunft: CN(Herkunft)
  • Modell Anzahl: NSW06688
  • Polyester Feature: Waschbar Bügeln, keine Falten, color more really outdoor professional
  • Marke Name: laeacco
  • Farbe Option: Das Foto, das Sie sehen, ist der gleiche, um Hintergründe/Hintergründe
  • Default material: Chemical,Fiber,Fabric,Polyester
  • Typ: Spray Gemalt
  • Material: Chemical,Fiber,Fabric,Polyester
  • Paket: Folded Rolled Contact Us
  • Dünnen Tuch: Chemical Fiber Inkjet Fabric

Fantastic, would gave given 7 stars, good communication, highly recommand this seller !!!! and very fast shpping
Ruslan Murzagaliev
I have my own photo studio, opened two months ago, for additional income, I bought 10 photophones from this seller and did not lose and did not regret it!!!! I live in a district village in 20 tons. Population, there is no competition at all! Filming began from the beginning of December and finished on December 30. I organized an express photo shoot for 20 minutes for 500 rubles. On the hands gave the client 10 PCs processed + 10 PCs the same processed photos in print, format 10 × 15 to increase the level of the photo studio and all the sources on the flash drive. Guys customers were happy like elephants! If anyone is interested here is my page in Insta: there are more works with the photophon.

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